Battle Rifle Pro


The Battle Rifle Pro is the latest innovation in all of tactical laser tag equipment available and is setting a new standard in the laser tag industry. Its sleek futuristic military inspired design makes it one of the best looking units available. Its size and weight make it appeal to every age group. It has a robust set of features like vibration recoil feedback, a removable mag, unique weapon types, exciting game modes, Bluetooth technology, WiFi technology, and much more. Battle Rifle Pro is one of the most versatile units in the industry.

Utility Box – The “Swiss Army Knife” Accessory


Coined the swiss army knife of accessories, the utility box has multiple functions which makes it one of the most unique additions in the industry. It can act as a respawn box, weapons box, medic box, and an ammo station. It can also be connected to our wireless head sensors and act as a player or target. Want to make a power weapon available as a SECONDARY WEAPON during a game? Put the Sniper as a Weapons box on the battlefield! There are many things this little box can do that no other box in the industry can compete with.

Wireless Head Sensors


Our head sensors have more functionality than any other on the market. Our built in LEDs light up Red, Blue, Green, Purple, and the list goes on. Not only can they receive damage, but they can give damage in every direction opening new game play interactions never used before. Hit Detection from EVERY Direction.

BRM – Metal Hybrid



The BRM is the most advanced m4 style laser tag gun. Our newest gun features a lower metal receiver, a polycarbonate upper, a 3 stage mag reload system, gesture melee action, and the most powerful audio available in the industry. An adjustable stock with an optional recoil kit is also available. This weapon is powered by a hot swap battery which means no need for CO2 or compressed air to create recoil.

Laser Tag Grenades



Have you ever wanted to take out 5 enemies at one time? With the Laser Tag Grenade, you very well can. This hi-tech game changer can act as a flashbang or concussion grenade, debilitating all enemy weaponry within the grenade's kill zone.